Tyler Keillor

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Saturday May 25, 2019
11:00 A.M. – 12 P.M.

“Rex alive” Restoring Tyrannosaurs with art and Science”

Did you know that within 80 miles of the CGMA show in St. Charles, you can visit four different museum destinations featuring tyrannosaurs that Tyler Keillor worked on? Come and hear the personal behind-the-scenes stories of how art and science were combined to portray the famous dinosaurs Sue, Jane, Little Clint, and one of the first dinosaurs found in the U.S., Dryptosaurus. Tyler is a fossil preparator and paleoartist who helped create these exhibits featuring everyone’s favorite meat-eaters!

Tyler Keillor has been working with museums and paleontologists since 1999. He is employed as a paleoartist and fossil preparator at the University of Chicago Fossil Laboratory, and he has also helped exhibit a variety of paleo-projects for other researchers, universities, and museums around the world. Tyler’s work typically involves preparing fossils for research, restoring damaged skulls and bones, and sculpting flesh-models of extinct creatures as they may have looked in life. Recently, he has also begun working with digital technology to create virtual 3D models of ancient life forms.